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Organising and accelerating your organisation’s change and growth

Welcome. I provide senior leaders with the additional interventions they need to achieve profound change and growth in their organisations, primarily in engineering, manufacturing, and physical and life sciences—in both industry and academia, and at the interface between the two. The context usually involves operational complexity, a highly competitive landscape, and a blend of business and people challenges. I’ve also written a couple of books and am working on a third. You may not yet realise how much difference the right specialist expertise in a semi-independent person can make to your issues and opportunities. The truth is—a lot. We can speed up the pace of improvement in your business or organisation making it more enterprising, effective, and financially successful. We may even be able to overcome difficulties you think can’t be overcome, including individuals' attitudes to change.

Dr David Fraser
David Fraser, Author, Change Agent, Engineer
The privilege of working with the following organisations is gratefully acknowledged...